Welcoming Our New Moms at POCWASN

We took some time to interview a few of our new POCWASN Moms to find out how they are enjoying our self-care services. If you would like to apply to services at POCWASN, please take a moment to fill out the form below and an administrator will be in touch with you shortly after.

Meet Ellie

Ellie has a 6-year-old daughter, born with a condition where she doesn’t breathe properly, so she has to sleep on a ventilator and has a tracheotomy. She is an elementary school teacher and discovered POCWASN through her sister who is friends with the founder, Syrenthia Farris.

Ellie says that practicing self-care has helped her feel like she has more energy now than ever before. Thanks to the services through POCWASN, she is able to take better care of her own health and enjoy time to herself, away from the stresses that come with having a child with special needs.

She has been utilizing the We-Fit program and says it has benefited her greatly as she has been able to lose weight and gain energy.

Ellie says she would definitely recommend the services offered through POCWASN.

Meet Diana

Diana has one son on the spectrum and another son with ADHD. She heard about the fitness program offered through POCWASN by way of her son’s trainer. Her one son, who is on the spectrum was already using the gym and then she came to learn about the Special Fit program, which she found to be very beneficial for her son.

It took Diana a while to get in the groove of a self-care routine, but now that she is older, she has been able to become more organized and focused on practicing self-care.

She utilizes the We-Fit and Special-Fit programs and says she feels happier and more relaxed because they can work out together as a family.

Diana says she would definitely recommend POCWASN to others because it’s a big help financially.


Meet Patricia

Patricia has an 8-year-old cerebral palsy child who is visually impaired. She is a full-time student and heard about POCWASN at her child’s therapy office.

She implements her self-care routine by going to the gym and try to make better eating choices. She also enjoys going on hikes when she has the time.

Patricia utilizes the We-fit program. She says its helped her be more active and more self-conscious about what she eats and more aware of taking better care of herself.

She says she would absolutely recommend the services offered through POCWASN.

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