Holistic Remedies When Coping with Stress: For Caregivers

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”
― Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation
By Jennifer McDougall 
When you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, we have several suggestions to help you relax and be at peace. One thing we recommend is to be present and point out what is causing you stress. Knowing what is causing you to feel this way will help you push away the negative feelings brought on by your reaction to the event. Stress can cause health problems such as heart trouble, premature aging, flu-like symptoms, and insomnia. In addition, it can often lead to bad habits such as smoking, overeating, and substance abuse issues.
Try the following remedies to help you relax.
1. Meditation
2. Deep Breathing
3. Yoga
5. Deep Tissue Massage
6. Warm Bath with Lavender Oil
7. Exercise for 1 hour
8. Journaling
9. Watch a funny movie
10. A night out with a friend

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