April is Autism Awareness Month


Every day is a new day when raising autism. You never know what it may bring. New words, new movements, new emotions, new sounds, challenges, accomplishments, but most of all love and laughter with you. After 32 years, you never have to question anything. You just grow with the flow.

Meet Our Founder, Syrenthia Farris

Our Founder and CEO Syrenthia Farris-Colino lives out the mission of POCWASN. At the age of 19, her 2-year-old son Stephen was diagnosed with autism. She became a strong advocate and navigated through an endless maze of doctors, clinics and treatment centers. As 20 years of advocating and serving as the primary caregiver for her son, she reached a breaking point. She became emotionally exhausted and had to enlist the support of close friends and family to rejuvenate and jump-start her life. Her process was an endless and deliberate amount of self-care. It was this experience that helped her to birth Parents of Children with All Special Needs (POCWASN). http://www.POCWASN.org


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