What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

By Jennifer McDougall

Breathe in. Breathe out. Do you see that? You’re doing just fine. Everything begins to slow down and take shape in our lives when we practice letting go and allowing ourselves to be free from what we cannot control. Some days, the world may feel like a weighted pressure of stacked tasks just sitting on your shoulders without an end in sight. Other days, you may wonder what to do with your free time. Life is all about balance. The trick is to learn how to balance everything in our lives. With that comes a sense of relief when the craft is mastered.

Are you ready to relieve some stress and begin taking things one at a time? We are sure you are, so we wrote this blog just for you.

Wherever you are, be all there. Take three deep breaths and tell yourself, “Everything will be okay.” This is how you begin to master the art of balance. Also, read the suggested tips below for ways to manage the sense of feeling overwhelmed. We hope this helps you get through whatever it is you’re feeling stressed about right now.

  1. Take 5 solid minutes to practice deep breathing and recenter your mind and energy.
  2. Play calming music
  3. Have a cup of hot tea in a safe and quiet space
  4. Take one-hour tech break (no texting & no social media)
  5. Go for a brisk walk or run outside and take deep breaths through your nose, allowing your body to get fresh air and feel calm
  6. Attend a local yoga class or do it on your own at home, at the beach, or local park
  7. Delegate the tasks you can to help free up time and energy
  8. Automate what you can (schedule social media posts, hire a laundry service, get groceries delivered, have a cleaning service help tidy up, etc.)
  9. Talk things over with your therapist or life coach to help you navigate through the traffic in your mind.
  10. Discuss your frustrations openly with your significant other and keep them in the loop on what you are experiencing and what it is that you need help with

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