Social Self-Care Ideas

Have you found yourself getting caught up in your day -to-day routine that you can’t even remember the last time you got together with friends and family for a little bit of fun? Did you know that socializing is an important way to stay resilient and healthy? There are many ways you can stay well-rounded in your self-care practices by implementing social activities that do not cause you feel overwhelmed.

Here are several of our ideas for you.

  1. Send a thank you note or kind message to a loved one
  2. Engage on 3-5 social media posts that sparks your attention
  3. Take a walk or go on a hike with a friend
  4. Ask for help when you need it
  5. Set clear boundaries with co-workers, friends, and family
  6. Honor your commitments to other people
  7. Be actively involved in 3 other groups outside of work
  8. Host a party or game night with friends and family
  9. Call a loved one and have 20 minute conversation
  10. Visit local shopping center or coffee shop and enjoy time surrounded by other people

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