5 Halloween Tips for Children on the Spectrum

By Jennifer McDougall

Trick-or-Treat! The holiday season is upon us, and that starts with Halloween! For parents with children on the spectrum, the idea of dressing their child up and going out trick-or-treating may feel a bit stressful. But that is okay because we are here to put your worries at ease and help you and your child enjoy a stress-free Halloween!

  1. Show your child photos or drawings of Halloween activities so he/she can warm up to ideas of what to expect during the day/night.
  2. Play dress-up with your child and have them try on their costume so that they feel comfortable when it comes time to go trick-or-treating or the event you have planned.
  3. If they do not feel comfortable in their costume, do not force them to wear it. Being comfortable is essential for them to enjoy the holiday as best as possible.
  4. Play Halloween-themed games at home if you choose not to take them trick-or-treating
  5. Take them to a local event with people and surroundings they are familiar with

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