How to Have the Perfect Spa Day at Home

The perfect spay day does not always just happen. Sometimes it takes planning and preparation. We have to set aside one whole day to give time and loving care back to ourselves. For many caregivers, we have to let those we care for that we are taking a little break, and if they need someone, they have a designated person to be there for anything they need. It’s usually a good idea to alert friends and family members who typically are always calling or texting us on demand and let them know we will be taking a day to ourselves and anything they need you will get back to them tomorrow. 

Spa days are important for caregivers because we are always at everyone’s becking call. We give, give, give, and give; leaving little time to recharge our own batteries. This can be quite dangerous for those around us because if our tank is empty and we are running on fumes, any request or demand for time and attention could result in an outroar of pent-up frustration. Which is also never a cute look. 

Here are ten helpful ideas for you to experience a fantastic spa day at home. 

  1. Start your day by setting positive intentions for the day. Before you look at your phone in the morning, take three deep breaths and think of the top things you are grateful for. Before you step foot out of your bed, focus your mind on what you hope to get out of this must needed day of rest and rejuvenation.
  2. Put your walking shoes on and go outside for some fresh air and exercise. Get your blood flowing and your heart pumping to help you shake off any negative energy from the day before. Let the sun shine on your face as you feel your body getting stronger and healing with every step.
  3. Rather than getting on the computer to check your emails and do some work, go take a bubble bath with relaxing lavender oil, soft classical music {to help raise your vibration} and bring a book with you to help unwind your mind and travel into an adventurous story. Put on that face mask, hair mask, and deep scrub your skin.
  4. Do any over-due grooming such as your eyebrows, touch up hair roots, and give yourself a manicure and pedicure.
  5. Stay off social media. Remember: This is a day for you to disconnect from the outside world and tune into your self.
  6. Clean up a little around the house to help make your environment more enjoyable to be in. Cleaning is great therapy! It’s essentially the art of taking something disastrous and making it beautiful.
  7. Drink at least 64oz of water between the hours of 9am and 8pm to keep your body from getting dehydrated. Eat healthy fruits and veggies to restore your body with the proper nutrition it needs to operate an and optimal level. 
  8. Get out your journal and start writing. Use helpful journal prompts or freestyle what is on your mind and any ideas you currently have. Go beneath the surface and dig into what your fears are, what your ambitions are, what the perfect version of yourself looks like, to you. Write about your traumas and how you overcame some of the most difficult battles in your life. Think of your journal as a safe space to open up and be honest with yourself about everything you’re feeling and what you love most about yourself, your life, and those around you.
  9. Watch one of your favorite movies with some popcorn and a cozy blanket. 
  10. Set a reasonable time to go to sleep such as 9:30-10pm. When you are ready to fall asleep turn on a sleeping playlist to help you drift off with ease. ZZZ
Photo by Noah Buscher

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