4 Helpful Steps When Working Remotely With a Special Needs Child

While working remotely saves you time and money on a commute, it is challenging to focus on tasks during the day when you have a young one with special needs at home. If you are trying to balance your time working from home while still caring for your baby or toddler with special needs, incorporate these four steps into your routines.

1. Buy Comfortable Clothes

Even if you sit at a desk for your job, taking care of your little one at the same time requires movement during the day. Therefore, your clothes should be supportive and cozy so you can work and tend to your child without getting irritated by poor-fitting clothes.

Purchase comfortable shirts, pants, and nursing tank tops and bras if you are breastfeeding. If you video chat with your colleagues, be sure your tops are cozy yet professional. Once you find one you like, purchase it in a few colors, so you have something to change into in case your child spills or spits on it.

2. Take Breaks

No matter how many additional tasks you complete for your child’s needs, you must also make time for yourself. Being a working parent while taking care of a child is exhausting, especially if your child has unique needs. To give your all at work and to your family, you must take time to rest and re-energize.

Plan a night out with your friends, schedule a massage through POCWASN, listen to your favorite podcast or read a book. Whatever helps you relax, carve out time for it regularly. 

3. Complete Meal Prepping

Whether your child requires a specific diet or not, preparing breakfast and lunch while trying to get work done is challenging. Not to mention, you still have to find time to feed yourself! To help the day go more smoothly, prepare your family’s meals ahead of time. Then, when your child is ready to eat, you do not have to worry about putting lunch together. In addition, if you only have a few minutes to grab lunch for yourself, you are not frantically searching through the kitchen for something healthy.

Keep the meals quick and simple. Make a few sandwiches for lunches. Throw chicken and vegetables in the crockpot and portion it out for your lunches for the week. If you are super short on time, sign up for a meal delivery service; your meals arrive ready to heat.

4. Streamline Your Systems

Streamlining your work systems saves you valuable time to love on your little one. If you are like many Americans, you work as a freelancer. According to one report, 36% of the US workforce have freelanced. As such, you have lots of freedom to simplify your processes.

For example, to ensure you promptly collect payments from clients for accurate amounts, use the best invoice template you can find. Doing so allows you to create professional-looking invoices that reflect your brand. Choose from various pre-made templates, and customize the invoice with your business’s information, including the name, brand colors, logo, contact information, and any other important information. 

If you are a company employee, find ways to better organize your workspace and inbox. Online videos and articles give numerous tips and tricks to create a more streamlined system.

While your day may still be chaotic, taking a few proactive measures can reduce the hecticness and help the day run more smoothly. Take these four steps to be productive at work and still care for your special needs child.

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