Healthy Choices for Your Kids Start With You

By: Leslie Campos

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We all know how hard it is to get kids to make healthy choices. Kids are exposed to a lot of
different influences. They often feel pressured by their friends and family to make unhealthy
choices. One way to help kids make healthy choices is by providing them with the right
information, like easy-to-understand guides and resources on how to make healthier choices.
The key is to start a conversation early on and to keep reinforcing it. Read on for some ideas

Healthy Eating

It is important to teach children about healthy diet choices. When children are given the
opportunity to choose what they eat, it is easier for them to make a decision that is in their best

It’s never too early to talk to them about healthy food choices, and this can be done by using a
variety of different methods.

Teaching Expertise notes that one of the ways that have been shown to work well is through
interactive games that teach kids about healthy food choices. You can also use this method by
playing these games along with your children and teaching them how to make healthy food
choices on their own. And there are plenty of hands-on games, too, that are fun and tasty.

Keeping Active and Fit

As parents, you are the first role model for your kids, and it is important that you set an example
of how important it is to get daily exercise and spend less time being sedentary in front of the
computer and/or television.

Taking walks together before or after dinner every evening is a nice habit for the whole family to
get into. They can either increase your metabolism ahead of time to burn calories or after a
meal to aid in digestion.

Your kids may prefer exergaming or interactive fitness. Gaming creators are coming up with fun
new workouts all the time for kids that can help them and you off the couch and into some fun
physical activities.

Helping Your Kids Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

With so many kids experimenting with drugs and alcohol, it is important to know how to help
your kids avoid the temptation to experiment. With the rise of social media and the internet, kids
have more access to information than ever before. American Addiction Centers points out that
this has led to an increase in experimentation with drugs and alcohol. You need to be aware of
what your children are exposed to online and are facing on a daily basis.

And there are interactive games for teaching kids about the dangers of drug use. Like this game
called Pure Rush, players navigate through four Australian landscapes avoiding illegal drugs
and their effects to get to a music festival before tickets sell out.

You’re an Example

Besides your child observing you making healthy choices when it comes to eating right,
exercising, and avoiding drugs and alcohol, you can show them how continuing education is
something they should take seriously. You don’t have to give up your job or other
responsibilities in order to go back to school. Online courses are available in multiple areas, like
Information Technology, Business Administration, and Education. In fact, by pursuing a master’s
in special education online, it’s possible to earn your Master’s degree with a program that
includes coursework, carefully designed assessments, and completion of clinical experiences.
It’s up to you to get your kids started on the right track to making healthy life choices like eating
right, exercising, avoiding harmful substances, and understanding the importance of education.
But understand you’re not alone. Just like there are lots of resources for your kids, you’ve got a
lot of backup too!


Teach kids about healthy food

Plenty of hands-on games

Taking walks together before or after dinner> exergaming or interactive fitness <

An increase in experimentation

Like this game called Pure Rush

Pursuing a master’s in special education online

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