How to Meal Prep

How to Meal Prep for the Week

Meal prepping is the act of preparing meals ahead of time and packaging them separately for each day of the week. This is a great way to simplify your eating schedule and free up time while practicing better eating habits. If you are trying to stick to a strict diet, meal prepping takes the stress… Continue reading How to Meal Prep for the Week

Surviving Remote Work with Babies and Toddlers

Surviving Remote Work with Babies and Toddlers

Working remotely is ideal for parents with small children. You can be present for your child’s needs and pay attention to their daily development while earning a living at home. As ideal as it sounds, the balancing act that this requires can be exhausting. Parents of Children With All Special Needs (POCWASN) helps support parents… Continue reading Surviving Remote Work with Babies and Toddlers


5 Halloween Tips for Children on the Spectrum

Trick-or- treat! The holiday season is upon us and that starts with Halloween! For parents with children on the spectrum the idea of dressing their child up and going out trick-or-treating may feel a bit stressful. That is okay, because we are here to put your worries at ease and help you and your child… Continue reading 5 Halloween Tips for Children on the Spectrum

Self Care

Self-Care for Emotional Healing

"Emotional health is an important part of overall health. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. ... It means you are aware of your emotions. You can deal with them, whether they are positive or negative. Emotionally healthy people still feel stress, anger, and sadness." - Family Doctor . org Life certainly… Continue reading Self-Care for Emotional Healing

Self Care

Self-Care Activities To Do With Kids

Looking for some new fun activities to do with your kids? Look no further. We would like to share with you 50 great ideas that encourage self-care and precious moments to enjoy with your children.  For information on the many self-care services provided through POCWASN, please visit or send an email to

Interviews With New POCWASN Moms

Welcoming Our New Moms at POCWASN

We took some time to interview a few of our new POCWASN Moms to find out how they are enjoying our self-care services. If you would like to apply to services at POCWASN, please take a moment to fill out the form below and an administrator will be in touch with you shortly after. Meet… Continue reading Welcoming Our New Moms at POCWASN



“Every caregiver deserves self-care.” –Syrenthia Farris, CEO, and Founder of POCWASN Parents of Children with All Special Needs is a Non-Profit Organization-501(c)3 ( who provides self-care services to help rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul of the families and caregivers who care for people with all special needs. POCWASN is focused on helping improve the… Continue reading Who is POCWASN?