Putting Myself First for a Change

“As Moms, we typically tend to put our family’s needs first.  Our children’s needs and sometimes wants become the priority.  As a Parent of a Special Needs child, we have additional responsibilities and their needs are typically greater.  We may have additional therapy appointments, IEP meetings and the child or adult we care for often requires much more of our time.  We, the Moms and Dads, the Caregivers, often forget about caring for ourselves.

Well, fortunately for us parents, there is an organization called POCWASN (Parents of Children with All Special Needs), that cares. They are providing a magnificent, much-needed service for us parents who have become accustomed to putting our self-care needs last.  I am so grateful to have been introduced to this organization by the lucky chance that I won a spa mani-pedi raffle prize at a Special Needs Fashion Show.  When I scheduled my appointment,  Syrenthia Farris-Colino was genuinely caring, she could relate to my situation and she was so helpful and kind.   She stressed the importance of self-care and I was convinced that I deserved this prize.

The services were provided by DJ Nails in Carson, CA.  I was extremely content with the staff,  their service and the amazing feeling of putting myself first for a change.  Thank you so much POCWASN for caring about the caregiver.”

Kellie K.